Sundown Lounge: Pickford, MI

Restaurant Overview

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The Sundown Lounge in Pickford, MI has a variety of options from Patty Melts to Grilled Cheese to daily specials (as pictured above). I attended The Sundown Lounge on Saturday night for their all-you-can-eat wings.
Sundown Lounge all-you-can-eat wings, fries, & coleslaw… $9.95
17 wing flavors for you to mix and match, served with fries and coleslaw.

Samantha’s Samplings


French Fries: Slightly crispy, perfectly salted and not too soggy. Everything you love about McDonald’s fries but stepped up a notch. Fries are also all-you-can-eat, so eat up! 10/10
Coleslaw: Good coleslaw, with the perfect ratio of sauce to cabbage. A good side dish for the wings and also all-you-can-eat. 7/10

Flavor 1

Salt & Vinegar:  Wings as a whole are cooked well, but are fried
crispy, not baked. These gives them a decadent flavor, although
 makes them less healthy. The Salt & Vinegar flavor is deliciously
 pungent and tastes like Salt & Vinegar chips. There is just enough
flavor without it being overpowering. I would highly recommend
 this flavor. 9/10

Flavor 2

Buttery Garlic Parmesan:  This flavor was just as expected, 
buttery, garlicky, and parmesany. As a whole the parmesan
 and garlic added to the flavor, but the wings felt slightly
drowned in the butter. Overall you get what is expected
 with these wings. I would recommend. 7/10

Flavor 3

Buffalo: Classic Buffalo wings with signature buffalo sauce flavor. I would recommend eating these wings with ranch to add flavor and cut the heat. These wings are delicious and well-flavored. 8/10

Flavor 4

Teriyaki: These wings are seasoned with teriyaki sauce, leaving them delicious and with a unique zing. I enjoy the taste and how Asian-American flavors blend together to create a good dish. 8/10

Flavor 5

Sour Cream & Onion: These wings taste like the classic Sour Cream & Onion chip. If you are a fan of the chips you will like these wings. I found the wings slightly-overpowering, so they weren’t really for me. Still, if you like the chips I would give them a try. 5/10

Samantha’s Synopsis: 9/10

Overall I approve the Sundown Lounge. The wings I had were cooked-well and seasoned deliciously and with 17 flavors, everyone is bound to find something that suits them. The fries and the coleslaw add to the appeal. With so many options, an all-you-can-eat menu, and a price point below $10, the Sundown Lounge is an excellent place to dine.

Samantha’s Spotlight

“Salt & Vinegar”
Overall the Salt & Vinegar wing was the best dish I ate at the Sundown Lounge. I would highly recommend ordering this wing due to its tangy-flavor which leaves one feeling satisfied.

Thank you for reading, Samantha 🙂


Applebee’s: Sault Ste Marie, MI

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Applebee’s Sault Ste. Marie, MI

Samantha’s Sampling

Plate 1

Mozzarella Sticks… $7.99
Crispy outside with gooey mozzarella cheese inside. Outside was made of a crunchy breadcrumb rub which contained seasonings like pepper. Good flavor. Mozzarella Sticks were accompanied by marinara sauce and ranch dressing. The marinara was watery but had good flavor. Good ranch.

Plate 2

Brew Pub Pretzels + Beer Cheese Dip… $7.99
The pretzels were thick, well-cooked, and had large pieces of salt stuck on top of the pretzels with light butter. Dipping was thick beer-cheese which was very tasty with a good and recognizable flavor. The black cup contained Dijon mustard, which added a nice tang when mixed with the pretzels and cheese. This dish was good but hardy, leaving you full and, in my case, a little sick. Flavor was delicious, but if you have a sensitive stomach, consider before ordering.

Plate 3

Taco Topped Queso & Chips…    $6.99
The queso and chips was good but left me feeling like I wasn’t putting something good in my body. The cheese had a good flavor but was so thick it coated my tongue, and the chips (as you can see in the picture) were coated in oil. The chips could’ve used more salt and less of the oil. Lastly, the meat on top of the queso was a delicious flavor and well-seasoned, though a little crispy. If you are looking for spicy, I wouldn’t recommend this dish as it was more mild. However, if you like more mild flavors in your Mexican cuisine this is for you. Overall, decent flavors but the oil on the chips and the thickness of the cheese made me conscious of the healthiness of the dish. I would recommend The Palace’s Queso over Applebee’s.

Plate 4

Chicken Quesadilla…    $8.49
Very good flavor, the cheese was very evident making the quesadilla delicious. The chicken was well seasoned and each vegetable in the quesadilla was evident, as well as cilantro. The dish wasn’t super spicy, so I enjoyed it. If you prefer spicy Mexican food, I would not recommend. However, I found this to have delicious flavor with just enough spice.


Triple Chocolate Meltdown… $6.99
Warmed brownie filled with hot fudge and ice cream on the side. Very rich chocolate flavor. If you are a chocolate lover this is for you. Would highly recommend.

Samantha’s Synopsis: 8/10

Overall Applebee’s has decently priced food with good flavors. Although I would be cautious of how healthy some of the options are, as a whole the restaurant produces good food which I would recommend with a rating of 8/10

Samantha’s Spotlight

“Triple Chocolate Meltdown”
As a lover of chocolate I highly recommend the Triple Chocolate Meltdown as the must-have of Applebee’s.

Samantha’s Suggestions

I would recommend going to Applebee’s between 3-6pm Monday-Friday or after 9pm Monday-Friday and after 10pm Saturday/ Sunday. During these times the Sault Ste. Marie location currently has 1/2 off appetizers, saving you money. I suggest going during these times with a group of friends and ordering appetizers. This will fill you up for cheap and allow you to experience more of Applebee’s choices.

Thank you and enjoy 🙂

Asian Buffet: Sault Ste. Marie, MI

Buffet Logistics

Asian Buffet
Asian Buffet… $8.25

Asian Buffet is an affordable all-you-can eat option for Asian cuisine. Upon first observation, one can see there is a variety of choices from traditional Asian cuisine such as Sesame Chicken to American favorites like macaroni and cheese.

Some of Asian Buffet’s Options. Pictured are main course dishes such as “Black Pepper Chicken,” “Green Bean,” as well as fried and white rice and vegetable lo mein.
a. Pictured here is the salad bar complete with all the fixings as well as peel and eat shrimp. In addition desserts such as puddings and fruit options.
b. Here are more exotic desserts such as coconut puffs, cakes, coffee mouse, and chocolate eclairs.
c. Here we have fried sugar donuts as well as Asian/American cuisine such as potatoes, cheese sticks, and wontons.
d. Here is the sushi bar, a selling feature of thus buffet. It yields 10 different types of sushi.

Samantha’s Sampling

Plate 1

Main, “Green Bean”: A mixture of green beans, broccoli, and chicken in a light brown sauce. Broccoli had soaked too long in the sauce, leaving it mushy and soggy. Overall could use more flavor and better texture. 5/10
Side, “Vegetable Lo Mein”: A noodle blend with sliced carrots mixed in. Overall dry and clump and could have used more flavor. 5/10
Sushi, “Sweet Crabmeat”: Odd texture and cream cheese battled with the crab. Obviously artificial crab, but for the price point it is to be expected. 5/10

Plate 2

Main 1, “Sesame Chicken”  (Pictured beside fried rice):   Chicken
 soaked in the sauce for a bit too long,  leaving it slightly soggy. Very
 good flavor, however the flavor was that of orange chicken covered 
in sesame seeds. Delicious orange chicken, but not sesame chicken. 7/10 Side 1, “Fried Rice”: Rice fried alongside peas and sliced onions. 
Overall disappointing. Rice was crunchy and underdone. 4/10
Sushi Roll 1, “Philadelphia Roll” (Pictured face up beside fried 
rice):  Delicious, classic Philadelphia roll with well-blended
 components. 9/10
Main 2, “Black Pepper Chicken” (Pictured beside vegetable
noodles):  Crispy chicken with the flavor of cracked black pepper.
 Chicken pieces are small and crunchy with a strong but delicious 
flavor. 8/10
Side 2, “Vegetable Noodles”: Small noodles with pieces of shaved 
vegetables. Slightly on the dry side but delicious. I would say it is the
 best side Asian Buffet has to offer and it is also the healthiest.
Sushi Roll 2, “Spicy Crab Roll” (Pictured beside the vegetable 
noodles): Classic spicy crab roll. Not too spicy and contains great 
texture. The artificial crab is well-masked and delicious. 10/10

Plate 3

This plate had a little bit of everything as we transitioned from
lunch to dessert. I wanted to give the American cuisine a try,
as well as sample a variety of desserts for you.
Mac and Cheese: Creamy cheese with well-cooked macaroni. Can really  taste the sharp cheddar, which makes this delicious. One of the best 
macaronis I’ve had. 10/10
Coconut Dumpling: Strong coconut flavor and crispy. Great flavor but dry. 6/10
Banana Pudding: Banana pudding with vanilla wafer cookies folded in.
Light and delicate, however the pudding  made the wafer cookies a bit 
soggy. Good flavor7/10
Tapioca Pudding: Great flavor and class tapioca texture.  The squishy
 bits inside the pudding make it a dynamic dish. 8/10


For a final dessert I sampled the Asian Buffet’s soft serve ice cream. This ice cream was deliciously creamy and has a slightly salty hint, making it more than satisfactory. 9/10

Samantha’s Synopsis: 7.5/10

Overall Samantha’s Snacks approves the Asian Buffet. Although some offerings were unsatisfactory, the buffet has over thirty offerings from Asian cuisine, American foods, sushi, desserts, and salads. Some things will be gems and others will be less than, but for $8.25 you will leave full and having found at least one satisfactory dish. On some things quality could be better, but the quantity and price earn Asian Buffet an overall rating of

Samantha’s Spotlight

“Spicy Crab Roll”
The Spicy Crab Roll was the must-have of Asian Buffet and I highly recommend getting this roll if you decide to go to the buffet.
Honorable Mentions:
Macaroni and Cheese
Vanilla Softserve